Our popular travel/entertainment publications capture the many
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Our premier travel publications are just the latest venture for our company, M*M Graphics, LLC . Since 1992 we have published coffee table travel and entertainment books as well as upscale souvenir programs for major events across America. Now we’re going online, featuring the same high quality that has made our publications so popular for 23 years. If you like the preview of our online Las Vegas (list of books) publications, you can order full digital versions on a link that’s viewable on Mobile, Desktop and Online devices — a kaleidoscope of the best and most beautiful of America’s great destinations at your fingertips. Each digital magazine is only $5.99. Meanwhile, we invite you to keep visiting www.americadimensions.com to check out our newest Dimensions online publications.

M*M Graphics, LLC has a proud record in publishing, including:

“LAS VEGAS… A New Dimension,” the city’s leading coffee table souvenier book since 1993, with Vol. 23 now in circulation; More than 1 million upscale souvenir program packages for some 500 air shows across America since 1992; Plus other premium-quality travel and entertainment books. We have added a new chapter – producing upscale online travel-entertainment publications for America’s leading travel destinations and entertainment venues on www.americadimensions.com